Seetting up sticky post

What is sticky post?
Sticky post is the post that is displayed on your homepage URL.

You may have seen these, when you type some web address you are redirected to its home page. In case of your blog when you type your blog address, the latest post is displayed on your home page. Blogger displays your newer posts on the top and older moved down the page. The more newer post will likely to get displayed first and older later.

Why you need sticky post?
There might be situation where you want your visitors to visit this sticky post before visiting other post. Blog-Introduction, general information before visiting other posts, some important links or content or just some friendly talk you may want to share with visitors when they visit your blog.

What you achieve?
The sticky post remains there above all posts. All other posts are arranged below this post.

Here’s how to do it.
Follow these steps to make your sticky post.

1. First write a post that you want to display on homepage and click on Publish Post.

2. After clicking Publish Post you will be directed to a new page, here click on Edit post. Like here :

3. Here on the edit post page at the left bottom click on Post Options and in the right bottom page change the date and time, till you want the post to remain sticky. This means that if you will publish any new post, it will come below the sticky post.

For eg. I have changed the post date from 11/3/09 to 11/30/09. Now the sticky post will remain at the top till 11/30/09 and after that, new posts will come at the top.

4. After changing the date and time, again click on Publish Post.

You may change this date from time-to-time to appear the sticky post on homepage. Just change this date to something newer than the recent one.
Hope you got it.



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