Inserting post in the middle

You can insert particular post in the middle of post order. Lets say you have number of posts listed in your blog and some other day you realise that there should be one or more post to be inserted. You may create these post, but these newly published post appear on top rather than appearing inbetween some posts.

You may do this by following below steps.
1. Crate a new post that you want to appear in between your post-list.

2. Publish this post.

3. After publishing post, once again go for editing the same post. At the bottom-left side click on "Post Options". Change date and time of the post to something newer. Such that date should be set to newer than than its bottom post and older than its top post.

Lets say you have the post1 and post2 created on 1st Jan 2009 and 3rd Jan 2009 respectively. Later on in lets say June you want to insert some new posts in middle of these two. you create a new post and change its date to 2nd Jan 2009. This newly created post will be placed after post1 and before post2. If there are posts created on same day, you may change its time for the same purpose.

4. After changing date click "Publish Post" button.



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