Adding video

<embed> tag :
The <embed> tag can be used if you want the video to appear on the web page.
This tag also work with audio as well as audio & video both together.
It has following attributes:
Attributes DescriptionValues
height : Set the height of the window for video to be appear. pixels
width : Sets the width of the window in pixels or percentage of available screen resolution.pixels
name : Provides label for embedded object.text
pluginspace : Tells the browser where to find the plugin if it is not installed on the client computer.URL
src : URL of the data object.URL
controller : Specifies whether you want the media controller bar to be shown or not. true or false
autoplay : Sets whether the media element should start automatically or not. true or false
loop : Allows you to have the movie play continuously.
true-plays forever from start to end
false-pays once
palindrome-plays forever forwards and backwards
true, false or palindrome
playeveryframe : Sets whether to play all of the frames of the movie or not. Setting true causes the movie to play slower. true or false

Now let see the eg.

<embed src="" height="200" width="300" pluginspace="" controller="true" autoplay="true" loop="true" >

Output :

<bgsound > tag :
This tag can be used to play an audio in the background.
This tag work finely in Internet Explorer only.
This tag plays an audio file when HTML documents or web page is first downloaded .
It takes following attributes :
Attributes DescriptionValues
src : The URL of the audio file where it is located . URL
loop : Sets the numbers of times for which the soundtrack is repeated once it is loaded. For continuous playing, set it to '-1'.number
balance : Sets the stereo balance when the sound file is played. It accepts values between '-10000' and '10000'.number
volume : Set the volume at which the sound file will play. It accepts values between '-10000' and '0'.number

<bgsound src="some_file.midi" loop="2" balance="0">
</bgsound >



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