Introduction to HTML

Introduction to HTML

* HTML stands for Hypertext Mark-up Language.
* Hypertext refers to the text that has been decorated in some way.
* It is called markup language because everything is marked up by using tags like,

<b>It displays text in Bold</b>

* HTML is used to create active documents.
* It is specific type of language that can be used to develop a web page.


* Tags are instruction or set of symbols that are written into the text of document & have special meaning.
For eg. <html> ,<head>,etc.
* Tags are sometimes called as HTML elements.
* Tags may have one or more attributes.
* Tags can be use in the pairs or in single depending upon their type.
For eg. <b>..text..</b>.
* It causes anything between <b> & </b> to be rendered in Bold.

* Attributes provide additional information about HTML elements.
* A HTML element may have one or more attributes.
* Attributes are specified in opening tag of HTML element.
* Attributes are written as attribute_name="Its_value"
* For eg. <a> is used with its href attribute as follows:

<a href="">This is a link</a>



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