Basic tags

Basic tags
<html> :

As earlier discussed this tag contain entire page.This tag may contain <head>,<body>,<frameset>,etc.

<head> :
This tag is used to provide information for inner working of document. Document is nothing but your HTML page itself.
It contain <title> tag, which defines document title and displayed in Title-bar of your web-browser.
<head> defines document header.This tag end with <head> tag.
It may contains other tags that defines & manage documents contents. Here are these tags <base>, <link>, <meta>, <style>, and <script>.
<head> tag is placed just after the <html> tag & before <body> or <frameset> tag.

Head tags and thier descriptions :
<title>It defines the document title.
<base>Defines a base URL for all the links on a page.
<link>Defines a resource reference.
<meta>Defines meta information.

<title> :
It defines document title.Anything entered between <title> & </title> is displayed on the title-bar.It has end tag </title>.

<body> :
It defines document body.It contains body content.It ends with <body>.
It has following attributes:
alink:Defines color for active link.rgb(x,x,x) or #xxxxxx or colorname
background:Sets a background image for a document.URL
link:Sets hyperlink color which are not clicked by user.rgb(x,x,x) or #xxxxxx or colorname
vlink:Set color for link which the user had followed.rgb(x,x,x) or #xxxxxx or colorname
bgcolor:It defines document background color.rgb(x,x,x) or
#xxxxxx or colorname
text:Changes body text color from default value.rgb(x,x,x) or #xxxxxx or colorname
title:Specifies extra information about an element.text



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